Encouraging. Equipping. Empowering.

Zoe speaks to groups to encourage, equip and empower them by helping them see all that they were created to be. Women and men are longing to learn how to draw strength from God and guidance from his Word to deal with challenges faced at every stage of life. Zoe has spoken to groups of all ages from teens to seniors. She has done weekend retreats and one day seminars for women’s groups as well as being the keynote luncheon speaker at professional and church events.

She is willing, able, and excited to travel for speaking engagements!

Presentation Topics:

The Amazing Leverage of Prayer - Do you love stories? Come and hear stories about incredible answers to prayer in wartime, in health crises, and in impossible situations. Zoe shares from the research on her latest book, due out at the end of this year. Prayer is the back story to many happy endings.

Passing Values On - What values are important to you? How do you communicate them to the next generation and make them your legacy? In this presentation Zoe explains the concept of ethical wills and shows you how to prepare one. A workshop is also available where participants leave with ethical wills to bequeath true wealth to their children and grandchildren.

Seven Power Principles to Propel You Through Anything and Everything - We all go through tough times. We want to convert those times of stress into times of learning, overcoming, and becoming stronger. Through seven power principles, Zoe will show you how.

Discovering and Using Your Spiritual Gifts - We have all been given spiritual gifts but what are they? Come and learn about the three categories of spiritual gifts, which ones we control, which ones God, the Holy Spirit, controls, and which ones we can accept or not. Characteristics (both positive and negative) of the gifts will help each person identify his or her gifts and see where those gifts fit into ministry.

Jonah, the Runaway Prophet - We laugh at Jonah, but, in reality, there’s a little bit of Jonah in all of us. Why do we run from God’s highest and best plan for our lives? How does God give us second, third, and fourth chances? What are the consequences of resisting our highest calling the first time? What happens when we stop running and embrace the plan? Come and learn from Jonah.

Christian Meditation - Meditation is in vogue, but Christian meditation is very different from non-Christian meditation. Learn what it is, why it matters, and practice it in this session.

Be the Leader You Want to Be - What is leadership? How do you get to be a leader? Why do people follow leaders? How did Jesus lead? Come and learn how to lead by the Book.

Love is All Around Us - God is love. His love is everywhere if we just look for it. We find it in nature, in the kindness of strangers, through those who give their lives to protect us, through our animals, friends, and family. Be amazed at how many people express love to us every day without our even knowing it. Leave with a profound sense of gratitude for all the love showered upon us and consider how you can express love to others in new and creative ways.