Dancing in the Rain

We all go through deep valleys in our journeys through life. None of us would choose these crises, hard times or challenges to our faith. Why, we ask, do bad things happen to good people? Why, we might ask God, did you let this happen?

Yet, it is often in the pits and darkest days of our lives that we see God clearly, and feel His presence keenly. As we struggle with our hurt, loss, or inadequacy, we have a choice. We can become bitter and blame God, or we can ask Him to take our tangled emotions and redeem them for good. As we turn to God, He takes over, using us as willing vessels to create beautiful ministries and powerful testimonies.

Read how ordinary men and women, like you and me...

-- Turned financial disaster into financial blessing
-- Forgave the murderer of a beloved brother
-- Received healing from a terminal illness
-- Recovered from a devastating physical injury
-- Trusted God through emotional abuse
-- Learned to follow God’s leading in a war torn country
-- Sustained faith and love through the disappearance of a son

All of the people whose stories are told tell us they are stronger, more compassionate people today because of what they have experienced. Their testimonies light the way for us in our own dark times.  

I have just finished Dancing in the Rain and have been so moved. Thank you so much for writing this book…God has given you a wonderful gift. Continue to write.
— JH